"Most delicious funnel cakes ever!! Mangonada is super refreshing and has a wonderful taste!! Fried pickle is on point!! Very worth the sugar rush!! Definitely coming back to try the rest of the menu!!"

Jesan S.

"My absolute fave place to get any of my snack cravings! Great snacks and badass staff. Highly recommended Like"

Anna H.

"My son and I just went yesterday and it is delicious. I got the Reese's fried ice cream and it tastes like a very expensive dessert. It needs more promotion though, I've lived in the area 36 years, my son has been going to Hanks High for 3 years and the only reason we saw the place was because we entered the parking lot by accident. Hole in the wall."

Denise V.

"Fried ice cream and funnel cakes. What's not to love??"

Trayvion T.

"I'm to full from eating their delicious ice cream to write about it"

Manuel S.

"I ordered a fried banana split and it was delicious. The staff came to check on us really friendly and quick service. Love coming back"

Josie J .

"Really yummy treats and huge variety for anyone to find something they'll like. Super friendly service too."

Missy J.

"Its delicious and I love going here. Yummy fresh Mexican treats and fried indulgences like funnel cake with loads of toppings."

Anechia M.

"This place is absolutely incredible. Been there a few times and each time I grab something new. The menu options seem never ending so I'll definitely be making Social Ice my go to place for any sweets cravings. The staff has ALWAYS been friendly and helpful in case you're the type that can't make up your mind on what to get. This time around I chose to go for a chocolate fried ice cream on top a fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich all topped with fresh ripe strawberries... MY GOODNESS. I mean just look at those pictures!! Talk about heaven! Haha. Looking forward to my next visit!"

Alejandro C.

"I consider myself a funnel cake connoisseur and this was the best I've ever had!"

Christine B.

"We live 45 minutes away and we are always willing to make the drive to have some funnel cakes and frozen desserts. The first time we went it was about $27 for 4 items, I thought it was kind off pricey, but then we tried it and it was DELICIOUS!!!! Everything we have tried from the menu has been splendid."

Ericka G.